Superbowl blog

The Superbowl is an awesome event. I love to watch football and this game is when the best of the best go head to head.  Superbowl Sunday is a time to get together with friends and family to yell and eat and just relax and watch a good game of football.

I am going for the Saints to win. I feel like the Colts probably have a better shot but the Saints came out of no where and I’m going for the underdogs. I will probably bet on this game and I will probably lose but I enjoy the thrill of the game and watching what happens.

I have been watching the Superbowl for many years now and I have acquired a love for this game and other sports through the males in my family. It is a tradition to me now to make sure I am somewhere sitting and watching the game on that fateful Sunday screaming for my team at the top of my lungs. I have to have someone watching with me who is going for the other team so there is a fan competition.

Whoop whoop for the Superbowl!!! !!! !!!


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