Material possessions I can’t live w/o…

Out of all the technology at my fingertips, the entertainment capabilities, and every other material possession I could choose I don’t think that I could live without accessories and shoes. In all honesty, I could do w/o everything including clothes but accessories and shoes would be almost impossible for me to be without.

It may sound strange to most but I live to mix and match and drape and accessorize. I am a strong lover of fashion and in my mind I could walk into a room with a dazzling dress and still look unfinished until I add the right jewelry, purse, and shoes. Men don’t care about dresses (or clothes) unless it’s see through or something and women will say, “I just loved that dress that walked in at 9:30.” but I haven’t left a mark. But if I walk into the same room naked with beautiful jewelry and a “bad” pair of shoes, the men will notice and the women will say, “She walked in naked with the most “to-die-for” shoes and bag and her make-up was just flawless!!!”

I like to start my own trends and be as different as I can and accessories help me do that. Accessories describe who I am trying to be and they are the “coup de taut” of an outfit. I dare say they make the outfit. I can put on the same dress or outfit twice but with different accessories, make-up and shoes no one will realize that they are complementing me twice for the same clothes.



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