My Future Plans

Today, my plans for the near future to graduate Fall 2010 were questioned and changed. I will now, more than likely, graduate Spring 2010. So from there my future plans for the next 10 to 20 years are not definite but I have a rough sketch.  

Within the next tens years, I want to have obtained my Master’s in either PR, communication arts or possibly marketing. Once I have my Master’s, I hope to find a job with either a PR firm or I would like to work in PR with the African Union (Embassy). If I am able to work for the AU, I may need to move to Africa  or possibly to Atlanta or D.C.

If I work for a PR firm or event planning company, I’d want to end up working for myself or owning my own event planning company or PR firm about 10 years prior to working for another firm. Whichever area of PR I gravitate towards, will determine what type of job I will look for and what type of company or work I will do for myself.

I also want to be married and have some children by the time I am around 35-40 years old. I plan to be very involved in my child(ren)’s life/lives. I see myself as a M.I.L.F., loving supportive wife to my husband, extra involved PTA mother, driving the soccer Range Rover and cooking for the bake sale as well as providing cooked meals and afternoon snacks for my familly everyday. I have a deep motherly instinct that has surfaced since I was quite young and loved baby sitting kids younger than me.


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