Music is a very important aspect of my life. I have loved music since I was quite young. I am not aware of a time when I didn’t like to sing, play an instrument, or do something that involves music. 

I have been singing in organized groups since I was in 4th grade. I have always loved to learn songs and sing around my family. I don’t sing very well but I just love to perform. I have been in church choirs, show choirs, and chorus all throughout school. 

I started off singing songs in music class in kindergarten and that continued all throughout school. I learned to play the alto sax in middle school and that continued through high school. I don’t have a sax today but I want to find one and begin playing again. I am now in the process of learning to play the guitar. In my different organizations singing and music are important too. There are different songs that relate to my organizations.

I have a diverse hear when it comes to the music I listen to. I love literally every type of music. If it has been made I more than likely have listened to it and probably love it. There are not many types of music that I listen to and don’t like. I think that everyone should expand their musical genres and look outside of their comfort zones. It is a wonderful experience to hear something you thought you may never like or listen to and then that song/genre becomes your favorite song.

Music is me and I am music. I will continue listening with open ears and a willing heart.


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