Chapter 2 Reading Assignment

Chapter Two

Most of the day for a public relations practioneer is spent disseminating and crafting information to persuade and motivate people. Messages are designed to change attitudes and opinions, reinforce existing predispositions, and influence people to buy a product, use a service, or support a cause.

There are four elements in the communication process and all four of them must be presented in order for communication to happen. The four elements are: a sender, a message, a channel, and a receiver.

Some important theories of communication involve in public relations are: media uses and gratification, cognitive dissonance, framing, diffusion and adoption and the hierarchy of needs.

There are many concepts to remember while working on message content: audience analysis; source credibility; appeal to self-interest; clarity of the message; timing and context; symbols, slogans and acronyms; semantics; ssuggestions for action; nd content and structure.


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