Grammer Girl

I learned how to use and differentiate the usage of parenthasis, dashes and commas. I did not know the exact uses of each of the puntuation marks. Parenthesis are used if something is unnecesssary to a statement but gives background. Dashes are used to highlight something important to a statement. Commas are a calm way to add something into a statement without bringing too much attention to it.

I was surprised that Grammer Girl’s explanation was actually interesting and straightfoward. I was expecting to have to listen to her podcast repeatedly before I understood but thankfully she was very direct. I understood her explanation listening to it the first time.

I want to know more about Grammer Girl. I want to listen to more of her podcasts and learn about another grammatical subject. I would like to know if she makes any type of quizzes or hands on modules for testing out her guidelines.


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