Chapter 1 Reading Notes

Public relations  has four main components: research, planning, communication and evaluation. With the communication component comes writing.

There are four basic skills to have other than writing: a knowledge of public relations- must communicate for understanding, knowledge of current events- be aware of current events and personalities shaping the public agenda, knowledge of business- how the business sustains itself, knowledge of management- understand and appreciate how organizational policy is shaped and pressures on management.

Reference sources are vital to PR writing. References include: encyclopedias, dictionaries, a stylebook, media directories,professional publications and  internet groups and blogs.

Two important resources for research are Internet search engines and electronic databases; research is imperative to the task of  writing in public relations.

After the objectives and content of a message are determined, the  grammer, puncutation, and correct spelling are essential to a public relations practioneer writing.

Wilcox, D. (2009). Public relations writing and media techniques (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education.


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