Comments, Comments, Comments

Every blog needs comments. Comments help a blogger get better at blogging. Without comments a blogger would never know what to change or what should stay the same. Comments are creative criticism that help improve the style someone blogs. Comments give insight on what is interesting and eye-catching about someone’s blog. Or a lack of comments can mean a blog needs to be tweaked because it is lackluster and needs more added to it.

In the same breath because comments hold a certain power, when giving comments you should be weary of the power you hold. You should write to give constructive criticism and should use an objective point of view. While reading a blog, subjectivity should not come into play. If subjectivity guides comments then your comments won’t be effective to the blogger. They may be offensive or downplay the bloggers thoughts and beliefs. Even if you don’t feel you are being offensive you have to think about the situation from the blogger’s point of view.

Take comments into consideration and grow from them as a blogger. When leaving comments be sure to think about what you say and stay objective so your comments can stay helpful.


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    A great way to get people to comment on your blog, when it is fairly new, is to link to other blog posts within your post. Other writers will usually read your blog when you link to theirs and they appreciate being mentioned. It is also a great way to start conversation among your fellow bloggers.

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