My Top 3 in Chapter 5

I pulled out three important things to remember about press releases from chapter five.

Here they go:

1. Three things you have to do to make your press release stand out: follow a standardized format, provide interesting information for your audience, and make sure your material is timely!!!

2. You need to be aware of the types of news releases and which one you should use. There are five: announcements, spot announcements, reaction stories, bad news, and local news.

3. You have to know the parts of a news release in order to write one. There are six main components: letterhead, contacts, headline, dateline, lead paragraph, and the body of text. A seventh component is an organization summary at the end of the release.

By combining these three important tips while writing a press release, you can’t go wrong. Well you could but you would  have less of a chance of going totally wrong.



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