My Top 4 in Chapter 6

In Public Relations, practioneers must use publicity tools. Chapter six goes into detail about these publicity tools.

Here’s what I picked up from chapter six:

1. Fact sheets- a quick list outlining or bulleting facts used by a reporter as a quick reference for writing a story. There are three kinds of fact sheets and one variation of the original fact sheet. Each fact sheet gives different types of information depending on who is getting the information from you.

2. Media advisories-

3. Media kits- contain news releases, fact sheets, and photos to help introduction new products, services and/or major events.  A media kit may also include: background info, biographical material, basic brochures, and a news feature. What a media kit includes will vary depending on the product or service being introduced.

E-kits or electronic media kits are alo used in the same way as traditional media kits. E-kits are more cost efficient and they include CDs, email and online newsrooms; they disperse the same information as the traditional kits.

4. The correct pitch is necessary along with the first three publicity tools I listed above. If you cannot convince an editor that a story has relevance and newsworthiness then having the other three tools may be useless. Sometimes just giving the publicity tools and allowing the natural order of things to work themselves out can work.  You just have to choose how to convey your information.

Publicity tools are vital to a publicist or other PR practioneer; it is very important to know what to information to provide with those tools. Chapter six does a good job of explaining how to use all the tools you have on hand.



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