How Great of a Photo Can You Take??? 8

Chapter 8  talks about the importance of publicity photos. Chapter 8 tells you a variety of precautions to taking photos and even goes into detail about who should take photos for you.

1st know the components of a good photo

*technical quality, *subject matter,* composition, *action, *scale, *camera angle, *lighting and timing, *color  All these components need to be assessed in order for your photos to be flawless. So pay attention to even the smallest detail.

2nd find the right photographer for the job                                                                   

Different photographers are qualified to do different types of photos. Be sure to have the portrait photographer doing the portraits and the special events photographer doing special events- not vice versa.

3rd be sure to think before you write your photo captions                                       

A picture is worth a 1000 words but in the same breathe your words can make or break a wonderful picture. If you write the wrong caption or you choose the wrong photo for your caption, an otherwise successful photo news release could be ruined.

4th think about the best method of distribution for your photos                           

There are 4 different formats for your pictures and 3 different methods to send your pictures to editors. You must take time and decide which format and method is right for each editorial opportunity.

Photos can come to life or die on the spot. It’s all up to you and your choices. So make the right ones so your pictures can speak volumes about you and your expertise!



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