The “What” Features of Chapter 7

Chapter seven’s main subject was features. Features are news stories that are imaginative, spark right brain thinking and “generate human interest.” Features are “soft news.”

My top tips from chapter 7 are:

What should be included in a proposal for a magazine feature:

1) Tentative title of the article     2) Subject and theme     3) Significance: Why is the topic important? Why should readers know about it?    4) Major points     5) Description of photos available 

What ways can you approach writing a feature?

1. write a general feature and distribute it different publications   2. write an exclusive feature for a specific publication    3. don’t write a feature… allow a journalist to write their own with a story idea of your own   4. post the feature on your organization’s website to be downloaded by others

What types of features are there?

(1) Case studies   (2) application stories   (3) research   (4) backgrounders   (5) personality profiles   (6) historical peices

What are the parts of a feature?

1: The Headline  2: The Lead  3: The Body  4: The Summary  5: Photos and Graphics 

What are my placement opportunities for my feature?

*1* Newspapers   *2* General Magazines  *3* Specialty/Trade Magazines  *4* Internal Publications

This is “what” I learned from chapter 7. Hope you learned something too!



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