Tweets Too Overwhelming

Last week we were assigned a Twitter assigment in class. I had just recently got into Twitter and began using it daily. I enjoyed seeing what my friends were tweeting about. Twitter helped me stay in contact with many of my friends who aren’t at Southern over the summer. Twitter was even a way for me to talk to my friends who are at Southern but I didn’t have to text or call them. But the week of Twitter changed my entire tweeting experience entirely.

I had the absolute hardest time with the Twitter assignment. I am positive that I didn’t complete the assignment. I try to be an over achiever at times so when @barbaranixon suggested to follow everyone on her Twitter list; I accepted the challenge. Little did I know how wrong I was for making the decision to follow the entire list of people.

My Twitter went from me following under a hundred people to having a feed of what seemed like a billion or so people. I was so overwhelmed with the number of tweets I was seeing each day, I hardly wanted to get on Twitter anymore. I even started just looking at my friends tweets and ignoring everything else I was seeing.

But I know where I went wrong. I am not as fully functional on Twitter as I assumed I was. I should have only taken on following 20 new people and I am positive I wouldn’t have failed at my task so horribly. I did find a couple of very useful tweets through my experience and I now know that I shouldn’t take on more than I can chew.

I did learn that lots of different people use Twitter that I would not expect. Different companies, executives, and PR professionals use Twitter to diseminate information, find interns, and even as a social outlet. I would have never known unless I had my Twitter semi disaster. But after this Twitter run in I can appreciate my low follower/following count and I see that quality can always overcome quantity.



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