Can You Write For Radio???

Chapter nine tells us the importance of radio publicity, public service announcements (psa) and television publicity.

The radio is an inexpensive medium to reach different demographics of large numbers of people.When trying to publicize on radio, be sure to write your  radio news release in a way it can be easily read by the radio announcer and understandable to the audience.

A psa is an free promotional announcement from government and/or nonprofit agencies that support the public interest. A psa can be on any subject and using sound effects are very effective to get the audience’s attention.

Television reaches a bigger mass than radio but video news releases (VNR) are not as cost effective as radio releases. Since vnr’s are more expensive and take more time to make; it’s essential that the VNR is current and newsworthy once it is made.

Television and radio are essential for reaching the masses but practioneers we must use them thoughtfully. Remember to use radio news releases and video news releases to your advantage.




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