Pitching a Strike…Well a Story, Actually

After completing the most recent NewsU, I can honestly say that I feel as though I have the resources to write for the radio. I never realized how much really goes into an audio story.

You start off with a great idea then you must turn that into an awesome pitch. You have to make sure your pitch is developed and gets to the point but is not too lengthy. You should be able to turn your pitch into an incredible story.

You must have a full explanation as to why your pitch should be picked up. There should be no reason for anyone to say no to a pitch if you take the time and write the best possible pitch.

Before and after the pitch and story so much more goes into writing for the radio. Interviews take place, a script is written, reporting is done. The process for “writing for the ear” is very technical and critical.

I know it will not be easy to write for the radio; but I know with my NewsU course I have the proper tools to tackle the job.



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