How to Get Along (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11 explains how to get along with journalists. I pulled out three important aspects from Chapter 11: why media relations are important, the relationship between journalists and PR, and the dependance between PR and media.

The first apsect is why media relations is important. Media relations is the core to most public relations jobs. If you cannot keep up with good media relations  it will be extremely hard to do your job well. 

Over time pr and journalists have had a less than perfect relationship with each other. But the underlying idea is that they are fully dependant on one another. PR and journalists may not trust each other they still must use each other to survive.  Without the media, PR wouldn’t be able to do their jobs. It would be hard to disseminate information if a PR professional couldn’t use the media to release information. Without PR, the media wouldn’t have most of the information for mass media. Journalists don’t collect information and that’s where PR shows up the most.


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