The Art of “Tap” (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12 reinforces the fact that as PR professionals we must stay on top of the web and other forms of social media.

The internet is a strong influence in the life of a PR practioneer. We use the internet for a global reach  for publishing our information. We keep in contact with the world and stay on top of what’s going on it it.

We use the World Wide Web to update and disseminate information electronically. We can maintain an interactive relationship with anyone who views our information. We can receive feedback and questions from those viewers and improve aspects of our information to further help the veiwers.

While the World Wide Web is an important tool, we must know the proper way to use it. We should know how to write for the web, effectively build a website and make the site interactive. Using those three criteria can help in other web areas, such as, attracting visitors to your site and tracking visitors.

Social media grows almost daily. The most prevelant social media is blogging though there are a number of other social media that is very useful to PR practioneers. The social media outlets include: Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, and even more sites.


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