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You gave some good insight with your list of do nots for PR professionals. I feel like most of the time the reason we don’t work well with journalists is because we only think of ourselves.

We get into the habit of just thinking about what we need when we need to keep the other person in mind. Though it’s not hard to think this way because we have to keep our clients happy.

We still need to take the time and think things through before we get carried away with our own PR agendas. If we can respect journalists’ wishes then we can help ourselves and the journalists.

Why Comment by Kwilliamspr
July 12, 2010 at 9:31 pm

I agree with your thoughts on comments. I feel like comments are useful to anyone’s blog. If you don’t receive comments on your blogs then you won’t be able to make your blog better.
It is important to get positive and negative comments. If you only receive positive comments you may never improve. Negative comments give you the necessary critism for change. Change is almost always a step in the right direction. Change lets you learn about your abilities. Change also helps you reach your full potential because you have the chance to improve your abilities.
You made an excellent point when you said that comments turn a blog into two-way communication. With only a blog, one person gets to speak their mind, but with comments a blog becomes a positive experience for not only the blogger but the reader, too.

Millenial’s Like Lifelong Online Sharing Habit by efloyd12

This article is quite interesting. I agree with what the article is saying about social networks not fading away. I think that the Millennial Generation will revolutionize technology use through social networks.
This generation can’t get away from technology. It surrounds and influences almost everything that we do. Even more than technology Generation Y can’t get away from the effects of social networks because of technology.
This article was well chosen and it has lots of feasible information as well as statistics. You made a good choice in sharing it.

Blogging for Beginners by Kwilliamspr
July 12, 2010 at 9:14 pm

First off, I have to say that your blog is one of the most interesting, and well-designed blogs I’ve seen. It is unique and artistic. I love the photos lining the blog. The differentiation of the blog texts grab my attention. Just visiting your blog makes me want to read what you have to say. Presentation is an important aspect of blogging and you have mastered presentation.
Your blog post is very insightful. I think that you have learned alot from your experience of writing blogs. The tips you have left for a beggining blogger are well thought out and helpful. Anyone who needs a some advice in starting their blog should definitely read this blog post. Well done!

PR Connection: Mind Your Manners on the Train!  by LaurenO

July 12, 2010 at 8:24 pm

I am so glad that you posted this blog. This post was not only ridiculously funny but also informative. I think that it is hilarious that people need to know this information. It seems like it should be self-explanatory tips that people should already know while riding a train. The things people do never ceases to amaze me.
Most of if not all of these tips should be used by people for their everyday, not just on a train. While on campus I have been uncomfortable because of people showing way too much PDA. While in other places I have heard frantically screaming children in all types of public places. It is absolutely aggravating.
If people took time to think about their actions before doing them it would make the world so much better.

PR Connection: World Cup Final Game by LaurenO

July 12, 2010 at 8:10 pm

I loved watching the World Cup. It was absolutely awesome. I wish that it wasn’t over but I can’t wait until the next World Cup. I am excited that Spain won though I really wanted Ghana or another West African country to win. I feel like Spain deserved to win because they gave it their all.
I love the fact that the players in the Cup are so devoted to their game of “futbol.” I wish the United States were as into soccer as the rest of the world. I feel like the US is slowly catching up with the futbol fever the rest of the world has.
I hope you are having a wonderful time in Europe and that you get back to the states safely.

July 12, 2010 on 7:54 pm
I love your title. It really grabs my attention. It makes me want to read your blog and hear what you have to say. you did a very good job explaining what to do and alternatives to not do things.
The related posts are also helpful. It is always good to have something else for references. Your post is easy to follow and understand. I like how you set up the blog post. It was very smart to show the problem and then follow with a solution.
Your blog theme is very clean and not distracting. You have set up your blog in an easy to find manner.

I also picked the SMNR blog for the final assignment. I think you did the assignment well. You gave good insight explaining what a SMNR is and why it is useful. The links at the end of your blog posts are very helpful as well. It was a good idea to include the links.
SMNR’s are useful to PR. I feel like everyone should know how to make an SMNR. I feel like SMNR’s are one of the best things PR professionals can use for their job. It is beneficial to not only PR but to any and all publics PR are trying to reach.

Alternatives to News Releases by Rachel

July 12, 2010 at 4:49 am

I absolutely enjoyed your blog post. It was very well thought out. Your blog is not only well written but your entire blog site is really wonderful. Those are some really interesting alternatives for press releases. I read some of your other posts and they were also very interesting. You should be very proud of the job you have done with your blog site.

TOW #5 by aliciamd

I am glad that you enjoyed your Twitter assignment. I definitely didn’t. Though, I did understand the importance of the assignment. It helped me to realize how Twitter can be helpful with staying in tune with what’s going on in the world.
I love quotes, too. I follow a couple different people/groups that put up all kinds of quotes. They inspire me when I’m having a bad day or sometimes I like to get ideas for poems from quotes.
I follow some comedians and a couple of celebrities. It is really interesting to see what they have to say. Following celebrities makes them seem more human and real.

Defamation by kaibee89 

June 16, 2010 at 3:47 am

I remember when that whole incident happened. That is a really good question. But I think I am leaning on the side that Chris Brown shouldn’t be able to sue Jay-Z.
In this case, Chris Brown’s actions destroyed his own self-image and reputation. His actions destroyed his reputation to an almost unrepairable state. In my opinion, from what I remember about defamation cases, when your reputation is that bad there’s not much else to destroy it.
If Chris Brown lost money from concert sales because Jay-Z wouldn’t perform that meant that no one was coming to see Chris. The audience was coming for Jay. I am sure that most fans were probably shaken up and left in a disarray about Brown’s actions. So of course his “fans” would be reluctant to go to his concert because of all of the media scrutiny. So in my opinion Chris Brown has no reason to sue Jay-Z and should receive no payment for damage Brown caused on himself.

Chapter 5 Reading Notes by kaibee89

Your blog is so neat and organized. I could really take a lesson on how to put my blog together from you. You have a very relaxing but creative background to your blog page. Because everything on your page is well put together I really want to visit it and I feel as though I could actually look for something on your page and find it.
Your chapter outline for chapter 5 is well done. All the information you provide is direct and in an easy to follow outline form. I have never been good at outlines so I am jealous of you for that. (lol) Keep up with the good job on your blog.


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