Look at the Legalities and Learn the Law (chapter 3)

Chapter 3 describes essential laws that Public Relations professionals need to know. It is important to stay ahead of the law so we don’t get into trouble with the law.

  • Public Relations personnel shouldn’t give advice to their client or knowingly allow their client to engage in illegal activity. PR can be held liable for such acts.
  • PR should “watch their language” and clients’ language. With the wrong word or phrase about someone else, you can fall into trouble with a defamation suit.
  • PR have to be careful about what information they reveal about thier employees. Revealing too much information about an employee can become invasion of privacy.
  • PR should know copyright laws in order to keep track of when and where your client’s works are being utilized. And to be sure that a client’s works are being used legally.
  • Trademarks are important to companies and need to be protected.  Trademarks are protected by law and companies need to be sure trademarks aren’t being used unlawfully.

These aren’t the only laws that PR should know but this is a good start. PR should learn about these and other laws more in depth to help their clients stay away from the court systems.


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