News or Not??? (chapter 4)

Chapter four is all about news. Chapter four talks about what news is, how to find news, and how to create news. Public Relations professionals have to know what makes news in order to surpass media gatekeepers.

  • Timeliness- news must be current
  • Prominence- news should have celebrity or a prominent place or person
  • Proximity- news should have a local angle
  • Significance- news should affect a substantial number of people
  • Unusualness- news should contain something out of the ordinary to attract attention
  • Human Interest- people enjoy news about other people whether the people are celebrities or people in need
  • Conflict- news should contain controversy between two different parties
  • Newness- news should contain new information about products or other items

If you make sure your stories hit on at least one or two points from the list above, you will be sure to have a good news story.


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