The Best For Last: Recap of the Past (Long Term PR Writing Class)

I must say that I learned a great deal about myself during this summer long term class. I am glad that I took this class to really sink my teeth into this “cake” called blogging. I now have a better taste for blogging as well as a better understanding for why blogging is so vital to not only social matters but “Public Relations Matters.” 

Now that I have fully dove into blogging I can now pass on some of the knowledge that I wish I had at the beginning of this class.

  1. Don’t procrastinate!!! Procrastination was truely my arch nemesis during this summer long term class.
  2. Be sure to use your creativity. Don’t hold yourself back.
  3. Be sure to read your comments and leave comments for others.
  •  I needed to stay on top of my blogs and make sure I was doing them correctly and on time but I wasn’t. Instead I just closed my mind to them in the beginning. It got so bad that I dreaded to blog each week.  Even though I finally realized blogging has a true purpose and is integral to PR just as releases are.
  • The more creative you are with your blog titles and subjects the more interest you can get from other bloggers. The more of yourself you put into your blog the more of a response you can get from your subscribers. By just taking a little more time to add a video or some type of multimedia, the more interesting  your blog will be.
  • The more comments you receive the better your blog will be. If you really use what people say and apply that to your blog, you can improve your blogging skills. The more comments you get the better you will be at choosing interesting subjects and links for your blog.
  • The more you comment on others blogs and take the time to check out other people’s blogs the more you can help your own blog. The more you look at blogs and realize what you think is interesting in the blogs you see the better off you will be with your own blog.

Your blog is your voice over the internet. You can say whatever you feel and even find others who feel the same way or even others who oppose what you say. The important thing is for you to take the time to communicate and to take the time to allow someone to communicate to you. Listen, learn, and speak your mind. Blog.


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