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Take 5 Steps to the Right Story

The NewsU for this week gave steps to multimedia storytelling. The steps were very clear. And NewsU describes the proper use of multimedia while collecting information for a story and how to use what you have collected in the story. I did not know that  there was a specific makeup to using multimedia depending on what you are reporting on. I received a full representation on what you should and shouldn’t do for multimedia writing.

It was suprising to hear how backpack journalists should pack. When I first thought about packing I thought about appropriate clothing and a voice recorders. I didn’t think about media equipment.

I had very little clue as to how much equipment is necessary for an just an interview. I had no clue about the proper manner to get information from a recording device. I don’t think that I would have been able to get to the important points form the interview.

I would like to know more about storyboards. I have never built a storyboard before and I am still slightly confused about the process. Though NewsU did give a good explanation of storyboards and how to build them.

I want to know more about how to know what the best type of media to use for specific stories. If I could master this concept I am sure I could make the best story using multimedia equipment.

I also want to know more about the media equipment and how each piece of equipment works. I am not familiar with that equipment but I would love to see how to use each piece. I feel like that equipment could be useful in a PR environment. The equipment could help attain information about clients or for clients.

This NewsU course was very interesting. I gained lots of knowledge on how to build a story using multimedia. I feel as though I can utilize media in a productive manner now that I have been shown the different uses of media for story writing.  



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Pitching a Strike…Well a Story, Actually

After completing the most recent NewsU, I can honestly say that I feel as though I have the resources to write for the radio. I never realized how much really goes into an audio story.

You start off with a great idea then you must turn that into an awesome pitch. You have to make sure your pitch is developed and gets to the point but is not too lengthy. You should be able to turn your pitch into an incredible story.

You must have a full explanation as to why your pitch should be picked up. There should be no reason for anyone to say no to a pitch if you take the time and write the best possible pitch.

Before and after the pitch and story so much more goes into writing for the radio. Interviews take place, a script is written, reporting is done. The process for “writing for the ear” is very technical and critical.

I know it will not be easy to write for the radio; but I know with my NewsU course I have the proper tools to tackle the job.


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Cleaning Your Copy

The self-instructed cleaning your copy course was extremely helpful to understand AP Style. I learned some helpful tricks to understand and remember different rules for punctuation, grammer, spelling, and other useful categories of style.

I am very surprised that a self guided course would teach me that much.  I wasn’t expecting the course to keep my attention, but it did. I enjoyed the fact that I could go through the course at my own pace. Following each lesson, I finished short assessments that tested my newly acquired knowledge. The assessments helped reinforce what I learned. The assessments on WebCt reinforced what I learned, as well.

I would like to learn more about NewsU and find out what other lessons for writing and grammatics the website provides. Once you have made an account with NewsU is the site always open to your for use or do you have to renew your account? Is everything on NewsU free and open to use?

I give NewsU Cleaning Your Copy two thumbs up. I will continue to visit this site any time I have questions about writing.

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